Team and Group Training

Full day programme on a specific country, i.e. South Africa, based on outline.
Fee quoted for a full day, a minimum daily charge applies (equivalent to 4 people attending)

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In-depth discussions with the HR team regarding challenges, concerns and issues that need to be addressed and resolved during team training sessions with the local teams and the expatriate teams. Identify specific outcomes the company aims to achieve from the training.

Based on these discussions, and detailed research into the challenges, we prepare customised training programmes aimed to achieve positive intercultural relationships and productive atmosphere in the work place.

Provided to HR teams, local teams, and project expatriate teams, working with people from different cultures.

  • Conducted through shared company culture, as highlighted by company values.
  • Improve communication and understanding between expatriates and local employee groups, facilitate acceptance by locals and expats of the Company management style and structure, and maximise multicultural team efficiency.
  • In depth analysis and research into company needs, challenges and opportunities and preparation of company specific programme to address
  • Group training over full day or in half day sessions
  • Combined training of local and expatriate teams to improve communication and understanding
  • Combined groups not to exceed 20 people for successful outcomes
  • Company culture, values and objectives covered in detail during the customised training

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