Diversity Group Training

Group training to facilitate cultural understanding and cross-cultural collaboration in the work place


We ensure that the teams are able to work together effectively and that issues related to culture difference and culture-based understandings do not cause division and tension within the group.

We provide attendees with an insight into the role that culture and culture-based understandings influence their personal and workplace interactions.

We introduce important concepts related to culture and individual world-view.

We provide an understanding of the types of culture – national, local, industry and company.

Benefits of our diversity training:

  • Identify individuals’ cultures;
  • Understanding the cultural context/s of the group’s working environment;
  • Provide solutions and approaches to pre-empting culture-related difficulties;
  • Provide ways of talking about culture-related difficulties;
  • We identify potentials for culture clash and teach pre-empting problems and strategies for effective management;
  • Building a group culture – assist Sasol in building their unique group culture.


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