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With face-to-face training, you will benefit from the knowledgeable, experienced and inspiring trainers who are specialists in their fields.


Country Induction Courses
– Face-to-face Training

Detailed information on a country’s history, economics, complex cultural behavior and the tools needed to integrate into the country, both in the work place and socially, and make a success of any assignment.


Onsite Training:

  • local teams
  • expat teams
  • diverse teams

Improved communication and mutual understanding through customised training programmes. Designed for HR teams, local diverse teams, and project expatriate teams. It is not just learning about different cultures, it is about understanding and embracing diversity to achieve unique company culture and perform better together.


Executive Country Induction and Analysis

Presented by a PhD holder who has incredible country knowledge, and a deep understanding of the factors that influence company success in the different environments. Expatriates from senior to executive management levels can only benefit from the tools they will gain for strategic decision making on a high executive level.

Company Specific Course Design

We tailor expat and team training programmes based on the values, vision and culture of your company. This programme remains the property of the company –a true asset for future coaching and orientation of expats.

Country Briefing Packs

A comprehensive information pack for executives, business travelers and company representatives who visit various countries for short periods of time and need to stay abreast of country information and current affairs. This enables them to close business deals and build relationships across borders.


Repatriation programme

This course is an often-overlooked aspect of expat training.
Recommended for all expatriates and their accompanying family who are ending an assignment and moving back to their home country or being redeployed to a new country. Learn the skills needed to relocate and adjust. The programme includes an exit interview and recommendations for the company for future improvements.


Expat and HR Advisory Services

We monitor the trends and consult companies to respond timeously to local events, changes in laws and community developments. We also ensure company documentation is culturally inoffensive to people from diverse cultures.

Policy Review and Design

Align mobility policies and processes to the overall strategic objectives of the company.

Research and analysis of African markets

including cost of living allowance, ease of doing business in Africa, markets, cultural norms, safety and security, social and political awareness, local property market, business licenses, education system, banking system, labour, infrastructure, exchange control and repatriation of funds, corruption risks, immigration, skills costs and availability, salary data

Climate Surveys

Climate surveys are a powerful tool for identifying organisational strengths and weaknesses. The results of these surveys also provide a basis for effective action planning for employee development and organisational change.

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