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Reasons why you want to live in South Africa at least once

Considering an expatriate assignment to South Africa? You are considering moving to South Africa and trying to decide if it is a good idea. Naturally you Google South Africa and hit the information overload, positive and negative. Ideally I would say stop reading,...

Vehicles and driving tips for expatriates in South Africa

If you are planning to or have just relocated to South Africa, here is what you need to know to get on the road When chatting to expatriates about their first experiences in South Africa they often mention the shock and stress when they first got on the road to drive...

Intercultural Training for African Countries

By Sean Rogers, PhD in African studies, Expats On The Globe, www.expatsontheglobe.com The image of Africa as the “Dark Continent” has morphed into one that presents Africa as the next big economic opportunity, as “Africa Rising”. A central feature of this change in...

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