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Online courses, face to face training and expert advice on the provided to expatriates, companies and international travelers.

We provide country specific courses, spousal support, team training, diversity training, cultural integration, practical relocation guidance and HR advisory services.

We know what it takes to relocate into a new country and are passionate about helping people make a success of their expatriate assignment.


Cut out cost, location and time constraints! Take an online training programme which is affordable, flexible, available anywhere in the world, and customisable to your company’s values and culture.

Onsite Studies

With face-to-face training, you will benefit from the knowledgeable, experienced and inspiring trainers who are experts in their fields.
For anyone traveling across borders and working with diverse cultures!

Advisory and Consulting Services

At KnowIt, we offer consulting services to international companies, and their HR teams and develop customised solutions through company’s values, vision and culture.

Featured Courses

Our online training courses are crucial to your international success!


Expatriates, travelers, HR managers, people living and working in diverse cultures


Online training course on South Africa, for expats and spouses, approximately 8 hours of online study time, broken down into modules. SCORM compliant.
Discount applicable on purchases of more than 10 licenses

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Detailed information on South Africa’s history, economics, complex cultural behaviour and the tools needed to integrate into the country, both in the work place and socially, and make a success of any assignment.



Research shows that international assignments may fail because of three factors: inability to adjust to a new culture, culture shock, family stress, and poor preparation. KnowIt has a comprehensive understanding of the adjustments needed to cope with an international assignment and have developed this course to help anyone exposed to diverse cultures to embrace cultural differences with mindfulness and understanding.

Coming soon!

Spousal Support Programme and the South African Practical Relocation Guide.





20%-45 of international assignments fail due to poor cultural adjustment. A whopping 40% of expats leave their company within a year of repatriation to work for their competitors… That’s a lot of money to invest in helping your competition!

Employees are the life force of a company and we will help in their success!

Travel The World With Confidence

Relocating abroad? Get ready to embrace diversity and achieve success in any country and culture. KnowIt will give you the tools needed to integrate into any host country.

Increase Your Job Success

Get the knowledge and tools for awareness of local cultures and a successful assignment. Minimise risk of failed expatriate assignments

Better Learner best performer

Local knowledge will give you the edge you need to be a step ahead in a foreign country and contribute to personal and professional growth. Mitigate company risk when on boarding expatriates into their new country.

Business Travel & Communication

Gain an understanding of the country’s socio-political and cultural environments and the importance of an open mind to learn and embrace all cultures for a successful professional career abroad. Country specific detailed and relevant information, do’s and don’ts when doing business in a country, business etiquette and the potential pitfalls.

Integrate socially in the new environment

Ongoing support, with a special focus on helping and encouraging the ‘trailing’ partner, third culture kids and family. Access to country experts to debrief and ask questions.

Practical relocation knowledge

You will be provided with practical advice on immigration, relocation and intercultural matters. And now we provide it online, as well as regular face-to-face training!


Know it

– We know learning

– We know cultures

– We know relocation

– We know expats

– We know countries

– We know it


Why Learn With Us?


Over 45 Years combined expatriate support experience


Assisted hundreds of expatriates across Africa


Multinational companies trust us with their expatriate support


Happy settled expatriates who trust our advise

We are People

Helping Other People

Know It is owned and operated by three dynamic people: Connie Peters, Marussia van der Merwe and Sean Rogers.

Connie Peter

Connie is a valuable asset with her niche knowledge of immigration legalities, risk management, expatriate movement and government complexities, especially in Africa. Connie knows government (no mean feat!), especially home affairs departments and the labour and trade industries.

Quote from Connie, “Never stop learning”

Marussia van der Merwe

Marussia is an expatriate. She knows what it is like to dive head first into adventure and a new culture! After 15 years in managing relocation and expatriate services for large multinational companies across the African continent, she is still passionate about helping others make a success of their lives in each country they live in. Marussia also has a special focus on the ‘trailing partner’ and the essential support he or she may need.

Quote from Marussia “don’t stop, there is always a solution “

Dr Sean Rogers

Sean knows Africa! International companies seek him out for his insight into the complex world of African business, and expats recommend him for assisting them in integrating into African culture. Sean is passionate about fostering success within the political, social and business realms of Africa.

Sean has developed both an extensive knowledge of African countries, their culture, politics and business, and he has a PhD and years in the field to prove it! Quote from Sean, “Every day is a day at school”


What Our Students Say

“I was interested in how we built relationships given the cultural/political differences. I now feel more confident about how I act going forward and am reassured about my safety”.

Mark, SOE employee

“very very good facilitator, many thanks”

David, expatriate multinational company


Robert, expatriate multinational company

“was interested in the contextual and political aspects of the course presented in a practical was, how to do business in Ethiopia”

Lukas, multinational engineering company

“wonderful experience! Very informative and helpful. I feel much more confident as an expat and new member to SA society after today’s class”

Sarah, expat trailing partner

“very good and helpful”

Wei, expat trailing spouse


Applying Online

Here is how

1) Go to our Our Course,  2) find which topic you want to learn more about. 3) Register for your course 4) Create an account as you’re signing up. 5) Begin your course!


Frequently Asked

1. Who are the courses for?

Anyone who travels across countries, who is exposed to people from different countries and cultures, is an international HR manager, an expatriate, a traveller, or trailing spouse.

2. I’ve been on expat assignment before, will I need to take a cultural training course again?

a. You will certainly benefit from doing a country specific induction course.  Cultures and diversity are evident on a micro level even when moving within a country and learning as much as possible about the culture make-up of the location you are going to, will give you a competitive edge and a good start for successful integration

3. I’ve done a cultural (cross cultural / intercultural) training course before, will I learn something new or just repeat what I have already done?

a. There are different courses you can take. If you have already done a cultural awareness course, we would strongly advise that you take a country induction course specific to the new country you are going to. Also consider signing up for some one-on-one coaching by a local expert to address and unpack issues as they arise.

4. Should I take online or onsite training?

a. Face to face training is beneficial, if you have the time and the resources to do it. It allows for very specific issues and questions to be explained and encourages dialogue. However, if you have time, location or cost constraints, online training will add great value and you can always add a few consulting hours for the expert advice and discussions.

5. I am going on assignment to work and my partner will join as a dependant. Does he/she need to do a cultural awareness and country induction course?

a. The accompanying partner, known as the “trailing spouse”, is crucial to the success of the international assignment. In fact, most failed assignments site unhappy trailing spouse and their failure to settle and integrate as the primary reason to go back home. It is thus extremely important to include the trailing partner into all courses and add a spousal support programme as a means to provide them with tools and knowledge for personal growth and enjoyment of the assignment.

6. English is not my first language, do you offer training in other languages?

a. We offer our on-site training in several languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. Our online training courses can be translated into other languages on demand.

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